• One of the leading IT companies NIX and S. Kuznets KHNUE signed a cooperation agreement

    This agreement is an updated formula of the partnership between Kharkiv National University of Economics named after Simon Kuznets and NIX, one of the leaders of the IT industry, which will allow training competent specialists to work in various areas in the IT industry.

    The history of cooperation begins in 2007, when NIX actively supported the Kharkiv Open Championship in Sports Programming on the basis of the Q-bit Youth society, one of the founders of which was the S. Kuznets KHNUE. Further, NIX became an associate partner of the European projects ERASMUS+ MASTIS, FABLAB, coordinated by the S. Kuznets KHNEU.

    NIX experts will comprehensively participate in the educational process, namely: to form a profile of professional competencies of a future specialist, to help teachers update the practical component of educational components and the subject of graduation papers, to involve teachers and applicants for higher education in real projects of NIX.

    Considerable attention will be paid to the implementation of interdisciplinary projects under the mentorship of the company’s specialists.

    Cooperation will continue within the framework of providing modern extracurricular education in robotics, prototyping and programming to school-goers and youth of Kharkiv and the region.

    Ihor Brahinskyi, President of NIX:

    “We have been helping Kharkiv universities to train students for decades. We have been closely cooperating for a long time with V. N. Karazin KhNU, KHNURE, NAU named after N.E. Zhukovskyi “KHAI”. Now this list will be replenished by S. Kuznets KhNUE. Students from all educational institutions of Kharkiv can take an internship with us, study modern IT directions, get acquainted with leading industry specialists and learn from their experience. We often see that students and graduates who are interning with us have absolutely no idea how to solve the tasks necessary in their work. Therefore, we are going to meet universities halfway, and while the guys are mastering the base at the university, we give them the opportunity to supplement their knowledge with relevant, really in-demand IT skills.”

    Volodymyr Ponomarenko, Rector of S. Kuznets KhNUE:

    “Our university is open for cooperation with business structures, in particular with representatives of the IT industry. We strive to provide students with modern knowledge, but the specifics of the information technology industry are such that its challenges, approaches, technologies are changing rapidly, and teachers need some time to keep up with them. Participation in joint projects with experienced IT teams like NIX will allow us to be on the same wavelength with the global industry. We plan to develop cooperation with stakeholders, update the forms and methods of training, fill the training infrastructure with real cases and practices, common creative projects. This will give us confidence in achieving the main goal – the formation of a comprehensively developed, creative personality capable of self-determination and self-realization, a competent professional for scientific, innovative and practical work in the socio-economic sphere.”

    The participants of the partnership agreement note that thanks to such interaction, a modern innovative educational environment will be created in which teams of competent teachers and practitioners will provide high-quality training based on advanced information technologies with broad integration into the global educational, scientific and business space.

    • 06.01.2022