• Control and record of physical training in the military unit

    Pre-requisites (basic knowledge is necessary for the successful acquisition of competencies):
    Basic knowledge of physical education.
    Brief summary of the discipline (general characteristics, features, advantages):
    The discipline “Control and Accounting of Physical Training in a Military Unit” will be useful to future reserve officers, students who are going to enter the Faculty of Training Officers.
    Control of physical training is one of the functions of management, an important element of the organization of the process of physical training. Properly organized control allows deep and comprehensive study and evaluation of the physical condition of physical training, analyze the dynamics of its changes for a certain time between the ducks, to study the positive experience of training and education of military personnel in the process of physical training, to identify deficiencies, to identify measures for their elimination and further increase physical fitness servicemen. Reforms that are constantly taking place in the Armed Forces of Ukraine require constant attention to the changes that are taking place in the system of physical training.
    Studying this discipline enables the student:
    to know the principles and structure of the system for monitoring the level of physical readiness of military personnel and units for combat activity and the quality of management, organization, provision and conduct of physical training;
    to analyze the process of physical training of servicemen;
    own accounting methods;
    know how to compile and submit reports;
    have peculiarities of conducting operational and final records;
    to perform standard functional tests and standards of physical fitness, exercises of the military-sports complex.
    Purpose and main tasks of the discipline:
    The purpose of teaching this discipline is to create competencies for controlling physical training in a military unit and compiling reports.
    To achieve the goal, the following main tasks are set:
    assimilation of the contents of the governing documents regulating activities for the organization of control and evaluation of physical training in military units;
    studying and characterizing the general requirements for the control of physical training in the military unit;
    familiarization with the order of planning and conducting control of physical training in the military unit.
    Competence providing:
    The study of discipline provides the formation of the ability of specialists to control the effectiveness of the process of physical training in the military unit and compile reports.
    150 hours offset.