Development Management

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The collection of articles «Development Management» publishes articles containing a summary of research results and reviews of the most important problems of economics, economics of enterprise and production management, placement of productive forces and regional economy, mathematical methods and information systems in the economy. The collection of articles «Management of development» is included to the List of professional editions in Ukraine, where the results of dissertations on economic sciences can be published.
The collection of articles «Management of development» is published quarterly. For more information, visit their site.
Editor-in-chief: Volodymyr S. Ponomarenko, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor
Deputy of editor-in-chief: Andriy A. Pylypenko, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor
Scientific editor: Iryna V. Gontareva, Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor
Address: Ukraine, 61166, Kharkiv, prospect Science, 9-A
Tel.: (057) 702-03-04 – editor-in-chief
(057) 758-77-04 – editorial office