Department of Marketing and Corporate Communication

Foundation year – 20139a, Nauky Ave., Kharkiv 61166
KhNU of Economics, library building, rooms 124, 129, 706
Phone number: +38 (057) 702-09-96


Head of the Department of Marketing and Corporate Communication is Ptashchenko Olena Valeriyivna.

The objective of the Department of Marketing and Corporate Communication is developing external and internal communication links to effectively present the university at the market of educational and research services.

Main activities:

  1. Establishing external communication with mass media, authorities (public affairs) education and scientific society, university applicants and their relatives, enterprises (official and non-official contacts).
  2. Developing internal communication among KhNU of Economics departments.
  3. Arranging and carrying out socio-psychological and marketing study of educational and research services market.
  4. Planning and carrying out advertising and PR-campaigns of the university.
  5. Providing information for the official site.
  6. Creation, maintenance and control of brand-book standard.
  7. Release (release control) of all advertising and PR-products of the university (authentication).
  8. Creating corporate culture, cultural tradition maintenance and its change, if required.
  9. Financial expenditure planning to carry out research, advertising and PR-campaigns, as well as their control.
  10. Contractors of advertising and PR-campaigns and events record-keeping.