Faculty of International Relations and Journalism

Year of foundation – 2021

61166, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Nauki Ave. 9а,

KhNUE them. S. Kuznets, 2nd educational building, room 1-2.

Tel./fax: +38 (057) 702-18-30,  (4-03)

E-mail: mvg@hneu.net

Сайт:  http://dekinter.hneu.edu.ua/

Telegram: https://t.me/interrelj

Instagram: @interrelandj


The faculty is headed by the dean – Candidate of Economic Sciences Volodymyr Chernyshov.

Structure and organization of the faculty

The organizational structure of the faculty includes the dean’s office of the Faculty of International Relations and Journalism, which performs management functions for planning, organization, coordination and control of educational, methodological, scientific, educational and organizational work. The faculty has 4 departments, there are 2 dormitories.

Candidate of Economic Sciences Volodymyr Chernyshov

Departments of the Faculty:


ECTS coordinator from the faculty – Voronyuk Evgeniya graduate student of the Department of International Economic Relations


The main programs of the faculty

  • Specialty 011 “Educational, pedagogical sciences”
  • Specialty 061 “Journalism”
  • Specialty 073 “Management”
  • Specialty 291 “International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies”
  • Specialty 292 International Economic Relations

Basic programs of the faculty