• Research Department

    9a, Science Ave., Kharkiv, 61166

    Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, research and library building, 6th floor, room 606а.

    Phone number: +38 (057) 702-06-70, 2-87 (interoffice)

    Е-mail: nds1@hneu.edu.ua


    Head of the Research department – Iryna Lytovchenko

    Е-mail: iryna.lytovchenko@hneu.net


    Focus Areas of Scientific and Research Sector Activity:

    1. Planning, organization and implementation of scientific and research work of the University.
    2. Determining a topic-based plan of state-financed research work, as well as its finalizing at the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, its implementation control; formation of staff activity schedule and estimated costs of carrying out research work.
    3. Organization of KhNU of Economics participation in forming and implementing national, field, regional, inter-university and international scientific-technological programs and projects.
    4. Organization of academic and teaching staff participation in research work competitions held by the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the State Fundamental Research Fund, the State Innovative Fund, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, etc.
    5. Periodic analysis of research work carried out at KhNU of Economics accompanied by a constant feedback of its results at the meetings of the Academic Council of the University, as well as assessment of the efficiency of the research work carried out by faculties, departments and scientific groups, and proposals development to upgrade the level of research work of the University, providing conditions stimulating the research activity of the University staff.
    6. Monitoring and analyzing the results of scientific, scientific-technological as well as scientific and research work by academic and teaching staff together with other sub-divisions of KhNU of Economics for a timely disclosure of items of intellectual property rights with a certain commercial potential.
    7. Searching prospective investors to finance research work, related to bringing items of intellectual property rights to an end-up commodity level, meeting the requirements of future licensees. Securing KhNU of Economics items of intellectual property rights as well as their property rights commercialization.
    8. Development of regulatory documents and methodological material, ensuring successful research work of KhNU of Economics, including the cases related to KhNU of Economics intellectual property rights disposition.
    9. Drawing up and legalization of inventions protective documents resulting from scientific work of KhNU of Economics staff.
    10. Defining the commercial secret scope pertaining to the results of scientific-technological as well as research work.
    11. Taking measures to prevent KhNU of Economics items of intellectual property rights infringement by third parties.
    12. Within the limits of KhNU of Economics selected competences, submitting research proposals to KhNU of Economics administration concerning participation in international collaboration in the sphere of intellectual property in the framework of international programs, projects as well as participating in professional associations, as well as successful completion of these programs and projects.
    13. Providing periodic feedback of the results of the University staff research work meeting the requirements of the regional authorities.
    14. Students’ research work organization, namely: ensuring students’ active involvement in carrying out state-financed research work, their participation in conferences, competitions, contests, study and problem-solving groups.
    15. Drawing up and reporting the results of scientific-technological work at KhNU of Economics and submitting them to the Department of Scientific and Technological Development of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine meeting the approved requirements; KhNU of Economics scientific work annual statistical reports provision.