About S. Kuznets

Kuznets Semen Abramovych (Simon Smith) (1901 – 1985) – was an American economist, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic winner in 1971.

He was born in Pinsk (Russian Empire), he studied at secondary school in Rovno and in Kharkov. In 1918 – 1921 he attended Kharkov Commercial Institute, in 1921 – 1922 worked in the Department of Labor Statistics of South Bureau of Council of Trade Unions. After immigrating to the United States, he completed his higher education at Columbia University, receiving his B.Sc. in 1923, M.A. in 1924, and Ph.D. in 1926. Next years of his life Kuznets was a Researcher at  the National Bureau of Economic Research, Social Science Research Council, he taught as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, and Harvard. After the World War II he was an adviser of the governments of Taiwan, Japan, India, South Korea, Israel.
Kuznets is credited with his fundamental works in fields such as the business cycle theory, where he discovered so-called «Kuznets swings», the National Income and its composition, the statistical testing of economic hypothesis, the economic growth and its factors and in the field of economic history.