• Admission for the Post-graduate studies: Forms of training

    Forms of training

    PhD students training program offers full-time (day, evening classes) or part-time studies; external studies (for students who are involved in scientific, technical or scientific and educational activities at the work place in higher education (research) institutions.

    Postgraduate students training is carried out:

    • at the expense of the state budget funds (state-subsidized training);
    • at the expense of legal entities or individuals (on terms of a contract, in particular grants received by a higher educational institution (scientific institution) for carrying out scientific research, which provides for the training of PhD or doctor of sciences).

    PhD state-subsidized training is carried out only in full-time (day, evening classes) form of study.

    In order to settle the relationship between a postgraduate student or a doctoral student and a higher educational institution (research institution), an agreement will be provided.

    The period of postgraduate studies for Ph.D. degree is 4 years and ends with the defense of a dissertation in a specialized academic council.