• МАГ-МАЙНОР Міжнародний маркетинг В2С

    Abstract  of the discipline:

    Under current conditions of business, international marketing becomes a prerequisite for achieving the company’s success in the foreign market, as it orientates the enterprises to the needs, requirements and trends of the development of target markets, it allows to direct the company’s activities correctly, promotes strengthening of the competitive positions of the enterprise and creates the basis for effective foreign economic policy. In addition, the need to use the tools of international marketing increases with the spread of globalization processes and intensification of competition, which forces companies to react more quickly to unexpected changes in the market environment and adapt to them.

    International Marketing should be considered as part of the whole system of knowledge in the field of marketing. At the same time, the given discipline covers issues that are not considered within the framework of marketing in the domestic market. This is an assessment of the necessity, expediency and efficiency of sales on foreign markets; selection of the most profitable and perspective markets; choice of exit strategy for the foreign market; direct development (or adaptation) of the marketing complex for each particular market and the choice of the type of organization of international marketing activities.

    In addition, the discipline “International Marketing” deals with the issues of conducting international marketing research in detail; sources of international marketing information; segmentation of target foreign markets.

    The main provisions of the discipline are of scientific and practical interest. Therefore, this program, in addition to lectures, provides for conducting practical classes, seminars, as well as compulsory independent work of students.

    During the development of the complex in the discipline “International marketing”, the legislative acts of Ukraine concerning foreign economic activity, advertising activity, trademark registration, international acts regulating marketing activity, as well as work of domestic and foreign authors, experts in theory and practice of international marketing were used.

    The academic discipline “International Marketing” is an elective discipline and is studied in accordance with the curriculum for the training of specialists of the educational degree “Master” for students of all specialties of all forms of study.