• Міжнародна економіка

    Магістр за освітньо-професійною програмою «Міжнародна економіка»

    спеціальності 051 «Економіка» англійською мовою

    Dear applicants! We would like to invite you to the master’s programme on International economics at the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics.

    Our master’s programme, like all other programmes of the Faculty of International Economic Relations, is interdisciplinary in nature, since most academic disciplines take into account the international aspect.

    Lectures are given by professors and associate professors with practical work experience. In the programme, students could take the following courses: global economy, international business strategies of an enterprise, management of export potential, management of international competitiveness of an enterprise.

    At the end of the International Economics programme, Masters can choose different trajectories for the development of their careers, including academic orientation, and continue their studies in graduate school and get a PhD degree.

    Graduates of our master’s programme are fluent in foreign languages and are experts in creating an analytical system for evaluating the effectiveness of an international economic activity of an enterprise and its degree of adaptation to changes in the external environment and can work both in public institutions and in the private sector.

    Join the limitless space of the world economy! See you in KhNUE!