Department of Economics and Marketing

Year of foundation: 1967

Address: Room 413, Building 1,
9-a, Nauki Avenue,
S.Kuznets KhNUE, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61166
Phone 702-02-65 (3-66)

Socially responsible marketing is the key to corporate social responsibility of enterprise.

The Department of Economics and Marketing is headed by  Doctor of Economics, Professor, one of the leaders of the joint Franco-Ukrainian MBA program “Business Informatics” with the University of Lyon-2. Orlov P.A. is awarded with the Badge of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “Excellence in Education of Ukraine” (2000), Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2005), Laureate of the Golden Badge of KhNUE (2005),  Badge of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine “For Scientific Achievements “(2009),” Petro Mohyla “(2009), Diploma of the Department of Education of Kharkiv City Council (2014), Diploma of the Executive Committee of Kharkiv City Council (2015)
He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers, textbooks and manuals, including 19 monographs, 1 textbook, 12 manuals, 5 articles in Economic Encyclopedia. Under the leadership of P. Orlov, there were prepared 16 candidate’s dissertations and 1 doctoral dissertation.

Information about the Department and the teaching staff:
The team consists of 18 teachers, three of them have a degree of Doctor of Economics, one Doctor of Sociology, 8 Candidates of Economics.
The Department takes into consideration the modern world trends of marketing development, therefore the concept of the system of education in the field of marketing includes such areas as: marketing analysis, intellectual analysis of databases, information support of loyalty management; e-marketing or Digital marketing, marketing of innovations and more.


Information about the curriculum:

  • Educational and professional program of the first (bachelor) level on specialty 075 “Marketing”
  • Educational-professional program of the second (master’s) level on specialty 075 “Marketing”

Competitive advantages:
The high level of the teaching staff of the Department – 3 Doctors and 8 Candidates of Economics; 1 Doctor of Sociology, 5 professors. Of these, 5 deliver lectures in English.
Rational combination of theory and practice – curricula are formed on the basis of requests from employers and students, internships are held at leading enterprises.
Continuous computer and mathematical
training, teaching in English


Innovative forms and methods of teaching organization.
The department substantiated the concept of increasing the social responsibility of business entities and their marketing in Ukraine and other countries in order to reduce the negative consequences for youth and society as a whole.

A. Orlov. Quality of State Regulation and Social Responsibility of Enterprises as Important Factors of Competitiveness of Production and the Country / P. A. Orlov // Business Inform. – 2017 – No. 11. – p. 441 – 447. Access mode:

N.M Lysytsia. Social Responsibility of Business in the Conditions of Information Society // State Regulation of Social Entrepreneurship and Socially Responsible Business: Materials of Third International Scientific and Practical Conference. November 25, 2011 / Edited by O.Yu. Amosova – Kharkiv: S.A.M., 2011. – p. 107 – 108.


Directions of scientific research:
1. Marketing research of the markets of goods of mass demand
2. Problems of increasing social responsibility of business entities and marketing
3. Development of business plans
4. Products competitiveness assessment
5. Justification of enterprise amortization policy  in conditions of its liberalization.

International activities:
Prof.P.Orlov is the head of the scientific school “Economic Problems of the Renewal of Main Productive Assets and Innovative Development of Enterprises”, which was founded in 1990. One of the leaders of the joint Franco-Ukrainian MBA program “Business Informatics” with University Lyon-2. In 2004 Prof.P.Orlov received a Certificate of Pedagogical Competence of the Central Schools of Lyon and Paris (analogues of our technical universities).