• Program „Management of innovation activity“

    Since 2009 the bachelors with specialization «Management of innovation activity» (4 years – 120 credit)) and Masters in «Management of innovation activity» (1.5 years – 90 credit) in English have been prepared at the department of Economics, organization and planning of the activity of enterprise.
    Basic training courses for the professional qualification of Bachelor are:
    Systems of technologies
    Informational and communicational software
    Mathematical modeling in economics and management
    Knowledge economy and innovation infrastructure
    Analysis of business activity
    Methods of diagnosis and prediction of the development of enterprise
    Management and administration (management, planning, operations management, personnel management, innovation management, strategic management, administrative management, self-management)
    Foreign economic activity
    International Economic Relations
    Information systems management
    Decision Support Systems
    Economics of Enterprise
    Money, finance and credit
    Studying of French in-depth
    Comprehensive trainings (1 week)
    Technology Practice (2 weeks)
    Practical training (7 weeks)
    Research practice (2 weeks)
    Pre-diploma practice (2 weeks)
    Diploma work
    Basic training courses for educational and qualification level of Master are:
    Methodology and organization of scientific research
    Innovation policy
    Management of innovation projects
    Investment Management
    Marketing of innovations
    Informational systems and technologies in the management innovation activity
    Modeling of innovation processes
    Technology transfer
    Management of the development and mastering of producing of new products
    Consulting in innovation activity
    Strategic management of innovative enterprise development
    Creative Management
    Brand Management
    Studying of French in-depth
    Trainings (1 week)
    Practical training (6 weeks)
    Pre-diploma practice (3 weeks)
    Diploma work
    When teaching there are presented the results of scientific researches of the teachers on the subjects:
    • Management of economic and social development of industrial enterprise;
    • Organization of interaction of the enterprise with the subjects of external surrounding and internal environment;
    • Improving the efficiency of innovative activity of the enterprise;
    • Development of methodological support of efficiency of investment projects;
    • Management of the personnel of industrial enterprises;
    • Methodological and methodical support of the strategic management of organizational knowledge of industrial enterprise under the terms informatiology of the economics;
    • Formation of the strategy of logistic management of industrial enterprise;
    • Reorganization of the system of management in the terms of market transformations.
    • Strategic management of the live activity of the enterprise on the basis of investment to ensure the quality of working life.
    The chair is co-organizer of the international scientific conference «Competitiveness and Innovation: Issues of Theory and Practice», that is held annually.
    Teachers that work in the program «Management of innovation activity» are certified in BEC Cambridge University exam, and prepare the scientists with the high level of qualification.
    The subjects of dissertation researches that are performed by postgraduates, doctoral students and applicants at the end of the «Innovation management» are: organizational and economic aspects of the innovation activity of the enterprise; investment management of innovation activity of the industrial enterprises; the quality of working life of the personnel on the enterprise; competitiveness of enterprises and labor resources on the labor market, outsourcing of logistics activities, management of formation and using of organizational knowledge of the enterprises, strategic management of the quality of enterprises‘ functioning.
    For the purpose of practical training of highly qualified specialists, students of the program have the practice at the leading enterprises of the Kharkiv region: Scientific Research Center of Industrial Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State Enterprise of enterprise planning of the coke industry Giprokoks, LLC «Vostorg» brokerage house «Otkrytiye» State Enterprise «Kharkiv Metro», LLC «Mobylys Outsourcing», LLC «Vytrayt», LLC «SVAP-LTD» SUAP «Evropol» Joint Ukrainian American enterpriseand other enterprises.
    Students that are enrolled in the master’s program and are graduated are:
    • the winners and prizewinners of Ukrainian student competitions;
    • laureates of the Scholarship of the President of Ukraine;
    • winners of the Ukrainian scientific competition of students‘ works.
    Head of the Department of Economics,
    organization and planning
    of the enterprise activity,
    Professor O.M.Iastremska