• Program „Business Administration“

    Management and business department provide opportunity for foreign and Ukrainian students with good level of English to study on bachelor (4 year) and master (1,5 year) programs on the specialization «Business Administration» (specialty «Management») fully in English.
    The learning program is satisfied European standard of MBA.
    Teachers that work in the program «Business Administration» are certified in BEC Cambridge University exam, and have the high level of qualification.
    Advantages of the bachelor’s and master’s programs «Business Administration»:
    • prestigious specialty;
    • practical direction and flexibility to changes in economic environment;
    • contemporary theoretical and practical background;
    • application of modern teaching methodologies;
    • opportunity to learn fully in English or Ukrainian/Russian;
    • opportunity to take part in Double degree programs of European Universities (Poland, Austria, Sweden);
    • opportunity to work in different business areas.
    Students of Management and Business Department are actively involved in the cultural and sport events and are members of the Youth Organization of the University. Each student has the opportunity to reach full potential and participate in competitions and sport games.
    Management and business department has been training students in English for 9 years already.
    Over the past four years, more than 370 bachelors and masters have graduated from the Management and business department, 105 of whom have been trained in English, 15% of those studying in the English undergraduate program participated in the student exchange program with the University of Austria, 25% of the English undergraduates graduated from the magistracy of foreign universities, as well as 155 students took part in the «Double Degree» program.
    Management and Business Department
    Kharkiv, Science ave., 9A
    7th floor, room 703 (Scientific and library building),
    tel. +38057-702-01-46 (add. 2-96)
    E‑mail: kaf_mb_hneu@ukr.net
    Social networks: www.facebook.com/mba.hneu/
    Web-site: www.kmib.hneu.edu.ua