Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics – the successor of the Kharkiv Engineering and Economic Institute – was founded on October 22, 1930, on the basis of the industrial faculty of the Kharkiv Institute of National Economy. It is a university of the fourth level of accreditation, which enables it to train specialists for work in foreign countries.

    Since 1949, this university has trained specialists for 77 countries of the world. Included in the QS EECA University Rankings (TOP-200 universities) – the best universities in emerging Europe and central Asia.

    For effective management of independent work of students, which is impossible without electronic teaching and learning complexes, computer control programs of knowledge, interactive forms of discussion of actual educational problems, in Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, created and runs the site of personal training systems in the computer network of the University, which hosts 2,092 electronic courses.

    Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics proudly presents the MBA program

    The program focuses on the traditional MBA curriculum and illustrates a good balance of qualitative and quantitative courses. The courses are taught from the perspective of middle and high level management, and develops skills, knowledge and insights that enable the transition from functional expertise to broad-based strategic leadership. Participants receive a solid foundation with the tools that can be applied immediately in the current business environment. Its aim is to prepare a competent and confident leader who can face the challenges of tomorrow. The graduates of the MBA programs have higher incomes and more robust positions.

    It’s not just a case of choosing the right business school, which MBA program format you choose can impact not only your time studying, but also your future career.

    Which is right for you?

    Read the program’s guides to learn about the pros and cons of each of the three most common MBA formats.

    1. Successful negotiation: essential strategies and skills – 30 hours (1 ECTS credit):

    • Effective communication: writing, design and presentation
    • Business negotiation strategies
    • Negotiation Mediation and conflict resolution

    2. Business Foundations and Entrepreneurship – 60 hours (2 ECTS credit):

    • Marketing strategies for Entrepreneurship
    • Effective communication: writing, design and presentation
    • Business plan calculation

    3. Building an effective business model -90 hours (3 ECTS credit):

    • Team Building
    • Formation and development of effective teams
    • Business Process Management
    • Marketing management
    • Operations Management
    • Financial management
    • Human Capital Management
    • Digital Marketing

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